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Your Donation 支持s Life-Changing Education and Changes Lives

12bet正规网站 assists individuals in developing their ability to earn and become contributing citizens to their communities. We equip students with education, skills, and networks to overcome barriers to economic opportunity. Our fundamental belief is that the best social service program in the world is a job!

Our vision is to help foster the creation of communities where adults work, 孩子学习, 每个人都能. 在短短20周内, our vocational training programs move students from unemployment or minimum wage jobs to family-supporting careers.








捐赠总数: $50.00 12


A gift to Summit provides a “hand up” to those working to improve their economic security. Summit的学费为7美元,050, 而是因为12博12bet的捐助者的慷慨, 没有学生自掏腰包去参加.

Systemic lack of access to education and employment has created a permanent underclass for too many in our community. Summit’s training programs and support services are needed now more than ever. Your gift provides more access to individuals looking to change the trajectory of their lives.


双你的捐赠! You and your employer can support the important work of 12bet正规网站. Many companies match employee donations and volunteerism, 甚至可能会匹配配偶和退休人员的礼物. See if your company has a matching gift program, and increase the impact of your gift.

捐赠建议基金s (DAFs) can provide you with immediate tax benefits while making your charitable giving easier. Consider demonstrating your support of our mission to equip individuals with the tools they need to change their lives by making a contribution from your DAF.

你可以 点击这里 to seamlessly donate directly from your fund to 12bet正规网站.

Helping someone in need is a great way to 荣誉 a special person in your life or commemorate milestones. Tribute giving affords you the opportunity to recognize, 荣誉, 庆祝对你重要的人和事. 你可以 make a gift in their 荣誉 today and the recipient will receive notification from us, 代表您发送, 其中包括您的个人信息.

Your tax-deductible sponsorship of Summit’s Annual Golf Classic & Summer Party is not only a great way to gain visibility for your company and to give back to your community, but it’s also a great way of personally helping provide a pipeline of skilled and diverse labor to regional employers. 12bet正规网站Sarah Armstrong了解更多信息

购物时捐赠! 访问 微笑.亚马逊.com, select 12bet正规网站 as your nonprofit of choice, fill your cart, and we’ll receive 0.5%的合格采购免费给你.

Making a gift to 12bet正规网站 in the form of appreciated stock or mutual funds allows you to have an immediate impact on our work to create opportunity, 社会的稳定和繁荣, 同时也可能少缴所得税. We recommend that you consult a tax professional with any specific questions. 12bet正规网站开发总监Sarah Armstrong,请拨打 or 612-278-7363 with gift of stock questions or notification that a gift is on the way.


I have always had it inside of me, but I have learned how to use the tools I have and apply it. 顶峰给了我人生的方向感.




参加峰会让我更好地思考. It really opened my eyes to life and gave me a purpose and understanding that this is what I am supposed to do with my life.




When you come to a place like Summit and your skills are being used at a new level, 这是令人振奋和兴奋的. Once the grades started rolling in, it got my hope and belief going again.




Summit showed me how to delete things that weren’t a profit to my life. 我学会了分清轻重缓急.




一份礼物的 $120 支付格考试的费用
一份礼物的 $270 Provides a construction program graduate with their own tool kit
一份礼物的 $3,500 Allows 10 IT students to take the CompTIA+ certification exam
3332 从2008年开始,学生们就有了自己的职业
峰会学生中认定为POC的比例 73% The median age was 27 years old, and 61% self-identified as male and 39% female.
一份礼物的 $7,050 Covers the cost of career training and support services for a student at Summit
$35,820 学生毕业后的平均收入
65% 在Summit之前,学生都来自低收入家庭
42% 在峰会之前,学生们都失业了



随着峰会能力的增长,新的培训, 扩大设施, 和扩大招生, Summit will be able to achieve the scale needed for the Black community in 明尼苏达州 to enter the middle class.


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